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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Five Dances (2015) rating: 9/10

The modern dances in this movie are just astounding and beautiful. And the main actor is fairly stunning, has a great body and not a bad face. The movie is great to see just for the dancing alone. But also, there is a fine plot with gay interest and a sex scene, and a little love story. There is also just friendship, the tough boss, and family struggles.

Jess & James (2015) rating: 8/10

There is also a three way sexual encounter in this film (it is very dark and can't see it), but the story and characters at least here are very well developed as compared to "The Third One". I liked the characters, they are different and unique, though the two short/dark haired actors cannot be easily told apart physically. They almost seem like brothers (they are not in the story). Still, one nice thing is that there is the feeling of a real love story here. No messed up characters or sociopaths. It does make the movie less dramatic though, with less real conflict. Nevertheless, there is the un-accepting family dynamic. And in the case of all of the three main characters, the desire to remove themselves from very unappealing home situations and create something like a new family situation.

The Third One (2014) rating: 5/10

Poor to non-existent plot, this movie only gets a reasonable rating from others I think because of the 3-way non-explicit sex scene. The only character building is like one dinner they have before the 3-way encounter. It is kind of an advertisement for non-monogamous paired relationships which I think is ok, and not necessarily a bad thing to think about or consider.

Floating (1997) rating: 7/10

The story manages to finesse the gay friend, but the main character is slightly ambiguous. I thought it strange that Van didn't seem too excited when seeing his girlfriend, so I thought he might be latent gay or bi-, but that could be misdirection.

Being lazy and not summarizing the plot, but others have done:

Monday, May 30, 2016

Naz & Maalik (2015) rating: 8/10

Two young Muslim boys/men in Brooklyn make their way through life. They are friends and secret lovers. But the police/FBI find them as possible sources of information. Their interactions with law enforcement starts out innocent, but then becomes fraught with danger and suspicion.

Excellently acted by the two charismatic and attractive leads. The script is well done.

Xenia (2014) rating: 7/10

A young, eccentric Eastern European gay guy's mother dies, and he finds his way to meet his straight older brother in Athens. They have crazy adventures together to find their long lost father. On the way, they meet with their gay uncle who tells what he knows of their missing, but rich and famous father.

Like You Mean It (2015) rating: 6/10

A film about a cold sociopath/psychopath actor in a relationship with a nice guy singer. The sociopath should just tell the nice guy it's over, but he doesn't. He really doesn't seem to care. They go to therapy, but there is no relationship to salvage. The nice guy is kind of cute, I think this is why the film gets a 6 and not lower.

Dreams of Strangers (2015) rating: 5/10

Looks like about 15 minutes of content expanded to a 75 minute film. The 15 minutes of content are acted alright, but the script is nothingness as far as content.

The companion film on the DVD, Polaroid, is actually the right length, but also contains roughly nothing.